L’Esquirol is a municipality in Osona’s region that includes the villages of Cantonigròs, Sant Julià de Cabrera and Sant Martí Sescorts. This is the most populated municipality of that region, and not far away there are the towns of Tavertet, Rupit, Roda De Ter, Vic and Manlleu.

Do you want to discover all these places? Do you want to spend a few days at the mountains, with the nature and practicing sports? Looking for some place where to sleep and rest? Here you have the solution. “L’Esquirol de l’Esquirol” is the name that gives rise to the touristic apartments called “Cabirol” and “Geneta”, the both equipped completely in order to allow you and your family and friends to rest, relax and enjoy your stay at Collsacabra’s region.

Gina’s Pont creation
Official and legal register: hutcc-000436 DC26.HUTCC-000435DC21